How Jennifer Aniston Faked Tripping On Acid

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How Jennifer Aniston Faked Tripping On Acid

Just lie on the floor with your eyes half closed and your mouth open. I've seen movies.

In her upcoming film, 'Wanderlust', Jennifer Aniston plays one half of an urban couple who goes to live on a hippie commune headed by Justin Theroux. In addition to “slow motion, action nudity,” there's also a scene where Jen drops acid.

On an episode of 'Chelsea Lately,' Chelsea Handler told Aniston: “I know I've tripped on LSD, so it wouldn't be a problem.”

“Yeah, I've actually never done LSD,” Aniston said, lying through her teeth. Okay, okay, maybe she was telling the truth. But lord knows homegirl loves her 'dro.

“I don't know,” Jennifer continued, regarding how she prepped for the scene. “I just kind of imagined every greatest fear I could have.”

I imagine little tie-dye images of Angelina Jolie's lips flying around while the soundtrack to 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' plays in the bright pink background.

Jen continued: “Which is what happens [when you're tripping on acid]. And it was shot…was that kinda trippy?”

Chelsea called Aniston's movie “dirty” and “sexy.”

“People have been waiting a long time to see even a profile of you naked,” Chelsea told her pal.

Jennifer properly deflected: “There's a lot of penises in this movie.”

Which actually, is a great way for celebs to change the subject anytime they're asked a personal question.

REPORTER: Are you planning on having kids anytim--


Watch and learn, celebs. Watch and learn.