Hollywood's Most Eligible Bachelorettes

May 18, 2011 By:
Hollywood's Most Eligible Bachelorettes

The bad part about getting dumped in Hollywood is all the ugliness of the breakup is public—ahem, Arnold. But the good part is, the world knows you're single, making it a hell of a lot easier to meet someone.

Not all the good ones are taken. We've put together a list of Hollywood's newest bachelorettes—they're hot, they're successful, and they're single.

Jennifer Aniston: Jen has been peddled by the press as a spinster, which I never really understood, because if that's what a spinster looks like, sign me up. But it turns out that couldn't be further from the truth anyway. An ex of Aniston's, Brian Bouma, recently told the pres, " All that's written about her being lonely is just ridiculous...She's genuine, sincere and charismatic."

Sienna Miller: Jude Law's on again/off again girlfriend, Sienna Miller must not realize how much of a catch she is to put up with his nanny banging ways. It looks like she recently finally called it quits for good, after a source said, " They arranged a fairly last-minute, make-or-break holiday to Africa over the festive period and though they came back still talking to each other, it was fairly obvious that the spark had gone."

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Jennifer might just have trouble keeping a man because she likes to announce how she already has her Tiffany's engagement ring picked out. Talk about forward. But after her recent split from Alex Beh, whom Hewitt said bought her flowers every day, she's back on the market.

Rihanna: Any guy who dates Rihanna is going to be an improvement. And Rihanna's recently sexed-up dialogue just screams, "I need a man!" After deciding to follow ex Chris Brown on Twitter recently, fans were outraged. Rihanna expressed her annoyance, Tweeting, "Its f-ckin twitter, not the alter [sic]! calm down."

Lindsay Lohan: We know, we know, she needs to buy stock in Samsonite for all that extra baggage. But at the end of the day, Lindsay is a good looking girl who just needs a good publicist—and she recently hired one! So look out, SamRo, Lindsay could be making a comeback.