From Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian: Celebs Bad First Dates

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From Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian: Celebs Bad First Dates

Bad first dates sucks. Usually it's just a lineup of boring questions (What's your favorite movie? Where did you go to college? Who have you been texting all night?). Sometimes you get so drunk to try and forget about the fact that you're on a horrible date and then you maybe throw up on your date or pass out in the bathroom and leave your date wondering what happened to you for several hours....err I heard this happened to someone once....

From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Aniston, here are the celebrities with the worst first dates.

Jennifer Aniston: Back in March of this year, when Aniston was still having bad luck with men, her friends set her up on a date with a "non-Hollywood guy." Her blind date was an entertainment lawyer and apparently the guy ordered his meal before Jen showed up, he grilled her on questions about Brad and Angie and then when the bill came he wanted to know if they should split it. A source told InTouch that Jen eventually "paid the entire bill and left!" Besides going Dutch on a first date, it's celeb code that you don't talk to Jennifer Anniston about Brad & Angie. First Date rules: No talk of politics, religion, or BRAD & ANGIE.

Kim Kardashian: Before Kris Humphries, Kim K's last high profile relationship was with football player Reggie Bush. She recalls their first date: "I picked him up from the car wash and then we ate Chipotle." Wait, this is a bad date? I would swoon if a dude washed my car and bought me chipotle. Have you seen the size of a chipotle burrito? Those things are larger than a small infant. You could probably even split one and save money! Clearly, my standards are very low.

Tori Spelling: Back when she was playing Donna Martin on "90210" she had a date with a guy from her high school at a really nice restaurant in Beverly Hills. The guy suggested that they just order drinks instead of eating dinner. Two hours and four rum and Cokes later, Tori realized she was on her way into a blackout. She ran through the restaurant trying to find the restroom, but was so drunk she ended up in the kitchen vomiting into a copper saucepan.

Katherine Heigl: Heigl said several years ago she was working with a trainer to lose some weight when her trainer asked her out on a date. He ended up taking her to Sizzler (which is the Wal-Mart of restaurants) and then gave her his headshot and asked if she could hand off his headshot to her agent. That's sad. Who goes to Sizzler anymore?

Jennifer Love Hewitt: When she was 25 she went out with an older man who brought her a gift to the date. He brought her an 'N Sync T-shirt. She recalls, "Am I, like, 12?" Then, to prep her for the end of the night kiss, he gave her a box of Altoids. He gave her the mints at the start of the date, mind you. Which is practical, but really f-cking weird. Usually, the old "you want some gum" line usually tips off a woman that she's going to have to lock lips with this dude at some point, but a box of Altoids at the start of the date? Love Hewitt said, "I found that so grody."

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino: Before The Situation was "famous" and I use that word very lightly, a girl contacted him via facebook message and after a few weeks talking online they decided to meet up for a first date. He says the woman was older than her photo, about 40 pounds heavier than her photo and apparently they had zero chemistry in real life. In Jersey Shore terminology, this is what Pauly D would refer to as a "grenade."

George Lopez: Lopez went one a date with a woman once, and when he thought things were going smoothly he took the girl home with him. Apparently she was drunker than he thought and when the drunk girl started to give him a strip tease, she fell down, hit her head on the dresser and actually knocked herself out. Lopez says she snored like a man for the next 7 hours.