Exclusive Details: Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Still Together

August 9, 2012 By:

In the eternal tabloid dance that is Jen Aniston Hooks Up/Jen Breaks Up, there are always a pretty ridiculous swirl of rumors.

This is one of the best so far, though: reports surfaced in Star magazine that Justin Theroux was dining with a “mystery blonde” in New York while Jen was filming We’re the Millers in North Carolina, and therefore they had absolutely definitely broken up because of Justin’s commitment issues.

The Star misreported the non-story with a large cover headline that said “It’s Over!” and claims that the mystery blonde was Justin’s costume designer ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens.

Not true.

A source close to Theroux tells Hollyscoop, "They have not broken up. The mystery blonde was author and actress Amy Sedaris, an old friend of Justin’s." Justin and Amy have worked together on a bunch of projects, including Justin’s 2007 directorial debut Dedication, and they’ve never been shy or secretive about their friendship.

Aniston's rep also denies the break up telling Wonderwall, “It’s once again just another fabrication to sell magazines and has no relationship to reality.”

But unfortunately, one of the many rules of dating Jennifer Aniston is that you are not permitted to go out to eat with your friends, unless you want to be tabloid fodder. Justin also hit the town with Aniston’s friends Courtney Cox and Laura Dern and their kids, and all had a lovely time and it was not a tri-date.

Kind of makes you wonder how this kind of crap makes Jen feel when and if she ever reads it. After a while I think I might start getting confused—do I have multiple personality disorder? Did I somehow completely forget I told my fiancée I despised his face? Am I part of the Illuminati? Actually, I feel worse for Jen’s rep, who’s been putting out ridiculous fires since 1999. She probably has to start every single day with a phone call to Jen that goes “Are you pregnant? Who are you dating? Any murderous designs on Angelina Jolie’s life?” just to make sure.