Details On Jennifer Aniston's Engagement Ring

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Jennifer Aniston is not forever single! She finally found a future husband and you know what else she found…a big ass ring!

A source told Life & Style that Justin Theroux proposed to Jen with a “huge emerald-cut diamond.”

Emerald? Hmm, well at least it isn’t those tacky his-and-hers brass knuckles they were wearing with their names on it.

No idea who the jeweler is, but the ring is a “rectangle with tapered diamond baguettes on the sides. It’s beautiful.”

Apparently Jen was smitten when Justin proposed and called up all her friends, meaning she called Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler and was probably like “I’m not a black widow, you guys!”

“She was so happy and said she loves the ring,” says the source, “I think she was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the size and beauty of it!”

She was overjoyed by the ring, but us, the public, were overjoyed by the engagement announcement. Jen gives hope to single women everywhere. It can happen after 40! It really can!

Jen made her first post-engagement appearance earlier today in Wilmington, N.C while filming her new movie “We’re The Millers.”

Sadly, she wasn’t wearing her new ring bling, so we have no idea what this sucker looks like.

This is Jen’s second marriage after her more-famous-than-God marriage to Brad Pitt. This is Theroux’s first marriage.
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