Crazy Jennifer Aniston Fans Attack John Mayer

February 4, 2011 By:
Crazy Jennifer Aniston Fans Attack John Mayer

Who knew Jennifer Aniston has such psycho obsessive fans?

Apparently some hard-core Jen Aniston fans have been heckling John Mayer since their split in 2009. Get over it people! He's no Brad Pitt.

"Girls came up and yelled at him, saying he was a horrible person," says a source of Mayer. "Girls asked how he could treat women the way he did. People would tell him exactly what they thought of him."

After he famously talked about Jennifer and Jessica Simpson his reputation went down the shitter. He used to be this sexy singer that could get anyone, but now he's just that douche that talked about his exes on TV.

Apparently he's hired a team of people to help him manage his image and make him appear less douchey. Sounds like these people have a big job ahead of them.

They have a better chance of getting Brad and Jen back together than making John Mayer loveable again.