Chris Harrison: Jennifer Aniston Would Be A Good 'Bachelorette'

June 19, 2012 By:
Chris Harrison: Jennifer Aniston Would Be A Good 'Bachelorette'

Don’t worry Jennifer Aniston, if things fizzle out with Justin Theroux, Chris Harrison would like to officially offer you the honor of becoming The Bachelorette.

Hollyscoop got an exclusive interview with the ever popular host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette who dished about what he thinks accounts for the success of the shows and their future contestants.

While Harrison was working the carpet for the much-anticipated premiere of Disney/Pixar’s Brave, we asked what he thought accounted for the popularity of the shows that have made up the last 10 years of his career.

The charismatic and newly single host attributed the success of the show to simplicity.

“Really if you think about what the show is all about there's no catch, there's no million dollars, it's just there's hope that there's love at the end,” says Harrison.
“Everywhere in the world everyone can relate to it. Everybody wants that companionship and I think we all enjoy watching it, good and bad.”

As far as conventional dating in 2012, he agrees its incredibly difficult – even for the buff and beautiful.
“If you been in the real world, you know how horrible it is, how tough it is,” Harrison says, and he thinks The Bachelor formula works. Especially when you have participants like Emily and Ashley who come back for more.

He’s not dishing any info on who might be the next bachelor, despite the rumors that it’s a sealed deal he claims, “We are always casting for somebody new.”

But Harrison doesn’t rule out the possibility that we might be watching the next Bachelor right now as one of Emily’s current prospects. “There could be someone from Emily's season that really pops off and everyone falls in love with him.”

And to get the real scoop, we asked Harrison what celebrities he thought might be a good fit for the show. His pick for the Bachelorette?
“I've always said Jennifer Aniston would be good because she seems so unlucky in love.” Though he admitted that he knew she was in a relationship, he didn't know if she was in love.

And then in an answer that’s almost too obvious, Harrison picked George Clooney as The Bachelor, if only for selfish reasons.
“I always thought it be great to hang with George Clooney on the beach for eight weeks [that] would be awesome but that would be more self-serving, because maybe some of his cool would rub off on me.”

Coolness aside, would he nominate himself to find true love over the course of a season through a series of eliminations?

“No! I've lived behind the curtain for way to long.”

Season 8 of The Bachelorette is currently under way Monday nights on ABC.