Celebrity Love Forecast for 2011

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Celebrity Love Forecast for 2011

Love is always a fickle thing in Hollywood. There seem to have been triple the amount of break-ups in Tinsel Town this year—is Cupid on a permanent vacation, because I can’t handle one more high-profile split!

I’m really hoping 2011 will bring a shift in luck for stars like Courtney Cox, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria and now Scarlett Johansson.

Hollyscoop caught up with Celebrity Astrologer to the stars Terry Nazon and he told us what we can expect from the stars’ love forecast.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette:

These two will toy with the idea of getting back together and David will be the one who wants Courtney back. Theirs is a complex love with her playing Mommy and not liking it, but that’s what she does in every relationship she plays the parental role! She’s not one to give up on people she cares about, and has probably toyed with the idea of divorce for a few years.

Courteney is smitten with another guy who’s proving to be a bit elusive to get to settle down and commit. In the late April it’s either on again or off forever between these two. These two will remain close no matter what.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal:

Two Sagittarius will always love to frolic together and probably have lots to talk and laugh about, but there’s where it ends. At best it starts as a kindred soul friendship with both of them driven to succeed but with two very different agendas.

Jake may just be looking for the right Hollywood hook up, and we’ll see him with more high profile hook ups but with no strings attached.

Kim Kardashian:

As a Libra, relationships are where Kim excels. In February of 2011 we’ll see Kim hooked up with a new man and if all goes well, she may even think about marrying this new guy.

Within the next 5 years Kim Kardashian will get married, settle down and have children, in that order too. It could even be another athlete that Kim marries.

Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston’s luck in love is definitely changing and 2011 could be her year to find the happiness she deserves. After years of being confused and even mislead, she’ll come to terms with the past and move forward.

Between May 1st and May 15th she could make an important announcement to the world. Marriage and motherhood are in her future and there’s no more looking back for her!

Prince William and Kate Middleton:

Prince William and Kate Middleton are definitely a match made in heaven. A Capricorn like Kate Middleton will always aims for the top and it looks like her persistence and patience has paid off.

They will most likely have children right away but the date of the wedding underscores how duty will come first and how she will have to play a secondary role, not an easy thing for any cardinal sign to do. Like his mother Princess Diana, a Cancer also a cardinal sign, Kate will do her own thing and seek the limelight after a few years into the marriage. The marriage is most likely a contractual one by now due to the wealth of Prince William. A divorce is predicted but later on.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: v
As a Sagittarius Brad Pitt likes the illusion that he’s a free man but really he’s not and as a Gemini Angelina likes it both ways too. Being married and acting like it and not being married and not having to act like it.

The secret is that the whole world sees these too as a couple and married but don’t tell them that, it will crush them. Yes I think these two will finally tie the knot, they’ll be happy and they’ll both cringe too.

Christina Aguilera:
Christina Aguilera is passionate and falls in and out of love very quickly. Her Achilles tendon or weakness in the future will be to fall for the bad boys. You know those hotter than hot romances that are so passionate behind closed doors but tend to be very volatile outside the bedroom.

Could there be a shocker in the future regarding her love life? Could she pull a Brittany Spears and go the Little Chapel in Vegas route? She could but it would end in a short stay at the Heartbreak Hotel.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart:

This romance could last in the way that when you are young you are just too innocent to call it off early on. By fall 2011 this relationship is over, and it could be messy and hurtful.

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