Another Crappy Review For Jennifer Aniston

February 11, 2011 By:
Another Crappy Review For Jennifer Aniston

It hasn’t even been out an entire weekend, and critics are already putting down Jennifer Aniston’s new movie, Just Go With It. Happy birthday, Jen.

Roger Ebert said everyone in the movie was “dumber than a box of Tinkertoys.” I’m not sure what the IQ of Tinkertoys is, but I think he’s trying to say he didn’t like it.

The New York Daily News said it was flat out “depressing to watch”, which I don’t think could be any more insulting for a slapstick comedy.

Not everyone hated the movie, though. Peter Travers said it was the “perfect Valentine’s date night movie.” Oh wait. He added, “with someone you hate.”

No wonder everyone keeps making sure Jennifer Aniston is happy.

MSN Movies did say that it was her most likeable role since Office Space. Remember Office Space, Jen? Remember how that was a good comedy and you were in it? Try doing more of that.

But the New York Post probably had the most scathing review:

“It’s as bad as Little Fockers.”