Jennifer Aniston Postpones Wedding

April 24, 2013 By:
Jennifer Aniston Postpones Wedding

What?! But we’ve been on Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux wedding watch for DAYYYSS! They were supposed to be married “any day now” and that was back in March!

Apparently Jen and Justin can’t agree on anything (wedding related) and have decided to push back the nuptials until August to give them more time to hammer out the details, like “Can we invite Brad?” and “Do we seat all the ‘Friends’ cast at the same table,” and “How many white doves is too many white doves?”

The main source of conflict is, “Jen wants something bigger with all their friends. Justin would just like something a bit more intimate.”

Wait, does that mean they aren’t getting along?

“It’s not to do with them as a couple, they’re madly in love. Every time you see them they’ve got their arms around each other,” a source told The Daily Mail.

Also, it’s rumored that celebrity wedding planner Kevin Lee (who did her ceremony to Brad Pitt) is also doing this wedding and he told us that the Brad nuptials was the most dramatic wedding ever.

“That wedding was so outrageous,” he tells Hollyscoop, “That was the most gorgeous wedding I have ever done in my life. I don’t think anybody can top that wedding. Ever!”

So is he saying Jen won’t get her big wedding this summer?

“I don’t think it will be as big as the first wedding. But we’ll see,” Kevin speculates.