Peter Facinelli Files for Divorce from Jennie Garth

March 28, 2012 By:
Peter Facinelli Files for Divorce from Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli were married for eleven years, so when they announced their divorce, it really shocked their fans. Oh, this is completely unrelated but—they have a reality show coming out next month. Just thought I should mention that.

“I was very resistant,” Jennie told ‘People’ about Peter approaching her for a divorce. “I didn’t want it to happen. It took me some time to come to peace with it.”

Translate: I had a very normal reaction to my divorce that had nothing to do with my new reality show ‘A Little Bit Country,’ which premieres April 20 on CMT. Get country.

Peter filed for divorce on Wednesday, March 28th citing the good ol' "irreconcilable differences" for the split. Facinelli also wants joint physical and legal custody for their 3 minor daughters.

Jennie and Peter married in 2001 and according to ‘People,’ they “had what looked like a storybook marriage.”

Parents to their three daughters, they adorably called themselves the ‘Facinelli Five’ and often went camping, had family movie nights and bingo tournaments. But as Peter started spending more time shooting Twilight and became a regular on Nurse Jackie, the two began spending more time apart.

Particularly, Facinelli was commuting between Vancouver and New York City while the family kept their residence in California.

“He would do everything he could to fly back every weekend," said Jennie. "[But] it took a real toll on our marriage."

The actress continued: “I’ve gone though my darkest parts and I’m coming out of it,” Jennie said. “I’m okay. I don’t know what the future holds, but then I’ve never been a planner. And maybe that’s a good thing.”