Jenni Rivera's Son and Psychic Believes She's Alive

December 12, 2012 By:
Jenni Rivera's Son and Psychic Believes She's Alive

Jenni Rivera, the Mexican-American pop star who tragically passed away on Sunday in a plane crash, might still be alive. This according to her 11-year-old son Johnny Lopez Rivera and a psychic named Gilbert Salas.

Jenni’s son Johnny discovered the psychic on Facebook who posted on Monday, “Yes, it is correct that Jenni Rivera is still alive. Jenni and her makeup artists survived, they are located 12 miles west from where they believe the wreckage occurred.”

Gilbert also added that they are badly hurt and hiding out near a canyon, near a stream.

Based on this information, Jenni’s family has sent out four helicopters to search the area specified by the psychic.

Not only that, but young Johnny has been tweeting, “My Mama is alive. I lose hope but I got it back. She is not dead.”

He also started the trending topic #savejenni.

Not only that, but Jenni’s family and many of her supporters believe she was kidnapped at the hands of Mexico’s drug cartel.

Too many things aren’t adding up.

Two years ago, Jenni received a Twitter message that said “you’re the next to die” and the twitter account was supposedly linked to the Zeta Cartel. Since 2006, many Mexican musicians have been executed at the hands of the cartel.

Also, the plane she was flying in was supposedly “gifted” to her, and it’s owner is a man connected to the Tijuana drug cartel.

Also, the pilot of the plane was 78 years old and what are the odds that only her driver’s license survived the crash? Many are wondering how it fell out of her wallet amongst the rubble when nearly everything else was destroyed?

Until DNA evidence proves that the human remains belonged to Jenni, her family will continue to hold out hope that she’s alive somewhere.

Hopefully her family will find some peace.