Jenna Jameson Wants To See Charlize Theron Naked

March 18, 2008 By:
Jenna Jameson Wants To See Charlize Theron Naked

Jenna Jameson
says she would die if she could see Charlize Theron posing nude for a PETA campaign.  She says Charlize would be perfect for the animal rights movement. 

Jenna also mentioned that she wants Charlize to be her successor as the next sex icon.

"Bettie Page was the ultimate sex icon. Then next came Marilyn
Monroe, then Pamela Anderson, then me.
Now I'm on the lookout for the next
woman to pass my title onto. Charlize would be perfect."

Jenna seems to be a little confused here.  While it makes sense for Charlize to pose for PETA because she's a vegan, there's literally no comparison between Charlize and any of the aforementioned actresses. Charlize Theron is an Oscar winning actress who puts those "icons" to shame.  Marilyn Monroe is the only one that comes somewhat close.