Jenna Jameson Poses for Playboy

August 4, 2009 By:
Jenna Jameson Poses for Playboy

Just four months after giving birth to twins, former adult star Jenna Jameson has shed her clothes and posed for Playboy.

Jenna, who just gave birth to twin sons, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jett, showed off her super-slim post-pregnancy body at a racy photo shoot for Playboy last Thursday afternoon, reports Fox News.

While the Playboy shoot details are being kept under wraps, as soon as she finished that shoot, she rushed over to PETA to appear in their upcoming McCruelty campaign against fast food giant McDonald's.

The 30-second film, which will air in September, shows Jenna posing in a sexy strapless dress while describing the company's slaughter of chickens.

She says: "Chickens killed for McNuggets are slammed into metal shackles. Spinning blades meant to cut their throats often tear through their wings or bodies instead.

"Many birds survive this terrifying, painful process, only to be scalded to death in de-feathering tanks. There's a less cruel method of slaughter that renders chickens unconscious, but McDonald's chooses to allow birds to be mutilated and scalded instead."

Jenna's always been a risk taker, but posing for Playboy while you're still breast-feeding is an all time high. When asked how she got so slim so fast, Jenna credits her strict vegetarian diet, her “healthy” relationship with her man Tito Ortiz and, "paddle-boarding."

It's still hard slimming down so quickly after giving birth to twin, but if she can pull off Playboy and PETA in the same day, then more power to her! Would you pick up a copy of her latest Playboy issue?