Jenna Jameson Pleads Guilty To DUI

August 17, 2012 By:
Jenna Jameson Pleads Guilty To DUI

The former porn star has been extra naughty and is turning herself in for it…

This May, the iconic Jenna Jameson was arrested for suspicion of DUI on a late Thursday night outing after she ran her car into a pole. Today, it is being reported that the XXX star is pleading guilty to her DUI charge.

According to TMZ, though, she luckily won’t face any jail time.
Instead, Jenna was sentenced to three years of informal probation and will have to sit through some educational programs. She is required to participate in a three-month alcohol educational course and partake in a Mothers Against Drunk Driving program in the Orange County where the accident occurred.

Maybe her appearance will stimulate a spin-off organization called MILFs Against Drunk Driving…

The initial DUI charge was pretty substance. Shortly after Jenna crashed her car, she blew a .13 on the Breathalyzer and reportedly had a two prescription drugs in her system by the names of zolpidem (Ambien) and buprenorphine (Suboxone).

This all went down at 1:30 a.m…

If you don’t recall hearing about Jenna’s original arrest, it might be because it was surrounded by a slew of other high-profile DUI incidents.

Bobby Brown was nabbed in Reseda, California for using his cell phone around that time. However, the officer who pulled the R&B singer over quickly discovered that he was a little too tipsy to drive and that he was driving with an expired license.

Jenna’s arrested also happened at the height of the Amanda Bynes drunken shenanigans, where she plowed into a cop car and pretended that she didn’t notice it by driving off.

Yay for celebrity bad decisions!