Jenna Jameson Hooked on Oxycontin?

April 27, 2010 By:
Jenna Jameson Hooked on Oxycontin?

Tito Ortiz was arrested yesterday for allegedly beating
Jenna Jameson. She claims that

during an argument on Monday morning she, "said something very hurtful to his ego." That's when he apparently grabbed her and, "threw me into the bathtub and tore two ligaments in my shoulder."

Tito is singing a different tune. He claims that he never touched her and the reason they were arguing was because he confronted her about her Oxycontin addiction.

Tito's attorney Chip Matthews says that Jameson has been battling addiction for more than a year now and everyone, including Tito have been protecting her.

Matthews denies the abuse claims saying, "He did not put his hands on her, he did not hit her, he did not do anything to her."

The fight reportedly started when Tito confronted Jenna because he found OxyContin and realized that she had relapsed.

An emotional Tito said that he hopes "Jenna will be okay."

He also added, "my parents have gone through addiction and I'm not going to let my family go through that."

Jenna is denying the drug claims saying it's all B.S. and that Tito is just very desperate.

So if Tito never hit her, how did she get all those bruises? It just appeared when he confronted her about her addiction? Probably not.