Jenna Dewan Joins Melrose Place

August 19, 2009 By:
Jenna Dewan Joins Melrose Place

Jenna Dewan is having a good month. Not only did she just get married to one of Hollywood’s hunkiest guys Channing Tatum, now she’s joined the cast of one the highest anticipated shows of the year!

According to E!, Jenna will play a movie executive named Kendra Wilson who works at Paramount, and is interested in Jonah (Michael Rady), an aspiring filmmaker.

Executive producer of Melrose 2.0 Todd Slavkin calls Jenna’s character "ivy league graduate, wickedly sexy and wickedly smart."

As for now, she’s slated for two episode, #7 and #8. But Slavkin says “her audition blew us away,” so we may be seeing more of her! We could totally see Jenna fitting right into the Melrose drama.

Tune in September 8th on the CW for the premiere.