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NAME:Jenna Dewan BIRTH DATE:December 3, 1980 (Age: 34) PLACE OF BIRTH:Hartford, Connecticut

Dancer, actress Jenna Lee Dewan-Tatum was born on December 3, 1980, in Hartford, Connecticut, and is best known for starring alongside her husband Channing Tatum in the music drama Step Up (2006). Jenna initially started her career in the entertainment business as a dancer, working alongside artists such as 'N Sync and Sean Combs before making her first on-screen appearance in the comedy The Hot Chick (2002).

Jenna went on to appear in the TV series The Young and the Restless (2004) and land a more substantial role in the music drama Take the Lead (2006) with Antonio Banderas prior to getting her big break starring opposite her then-future husband Channing Tatum in Step Up (2006). That same year, Jenna appeared alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in the horror hit The Grudge 2.

In 2008, Jenna landed her first leading role in the made-for-TV biopic drama Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal (2008) followed by a supporting role in the star-studded comedy The Six Wives of Henry Lefay (2009) alongside Tim Allen and Elisha Cuthbert. Further strengthening her comedic side, Jenna then starred opposite Desperate Housewives star Josh Henderson in The Jerk Theory (2009) and Rob Schneider in American Virgin (2009).

In 2011, Jenna appeared alongside 50 cent, Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe in the crime drama Setup prior to reuniting with her hubby Channing Tatum in the dramedy 10 Years. Later that year, Jenna's career got a much-needed boost when she landed a starring role in the new TV crime drama series The Playboy Club, despite the show only lasting seven episodes.

Jenna's most recent projects include, the romantic comedy Slightly Single in L.A. (2012), the made-for-TV crime drama She Made Them Do It (2013), the TV series American Horror Story: Asylum (2012 - 2013) and the TV series Witches of East End (2012-2013).

Jenna Dewan Husband & Dating History Timeline


At the time she was a back-up dancer for 'N Sync, Jenna reportedly hooked up with Justin Timberlake.


Apparently in 2003, Jenna briefly dated YouTube comedian Ryan Higa (whomever that is.)

2003 - 2005

According to sources, Jenna dated fellow-actor Shane West between 2003 and 2005.

2006 - Present

Jenna and Channing Tatum first met on the set of Step Up and immediately fell for each other. After two years of dating, the two got engaged in September 2008 and got married on July 11, 2009, in Malibu, California.

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