Jeff Lewis Responds to Lawsuit

December 12, 2008 By:
Jeff Lewis Responds to Lawsuit

Jeff Lewis, the star of "Flipping Out," a Bravo channel show that follows him as he buys, renovates and resells homes, has found himself in hot water with his neighbor, actress Ashley Jensen.

Jensen and her hubby Terence, who live in the Los Feliz area near Lewis' home, filed a lawsuit claiming the developer constructed a deck at the house that encroached on their property. He reportedly offered them $10-30,000 to settle the problem, but when they refused he apparently told them he would make their lives a living hell and cast them in a negative light in front of 3 million viewers.

Lewis has responded to the claims and released the following statement:

“Actress Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty) and her husband Terry Beesley and I have a simple encroachment dispute that should have been resolved informally. Having apparently watched my reality show, they now feel they can exploit my personality to increase their media exposure and their alleged damages. I have never threatened either of them with physical harm, nor was I abusive or verbally threatening to either of them. In fact I have never even met Ms. Jensen. The court will decide how much the easement is worth and Ms. Jensen and Mr. Beesley will then be left having to earn media coverage on their talent alone.”

Sounds like something that could have been resolved either out of court, or out of the press. What happened to love thy neighbor?