We’ve Collected All the Beyoncé/Jay Z Breakup Rumors So You Don’t Have To

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We’ve Collected All the Beyoncé/Jay Z Breakup Rumors So You Don’t Have To
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Apparently Beyoncé and Jay Z are about to get a divorce, but they’re waiting until their massive On the Run tour is over. There are so many rumors swirling, so now you can stop asking your friends who work in celebrity gossip, “What’s going on with Beyoncé and Jay Z?” because here’s everything you need to know about their possible breakup!

Jay Z is cheating on Beyoncé with Casey Cohen, one of the girls on the Bravo show “Princesses: Long Island.” She’s also a hostess at the NYC hotspot 1OAK and “Jay probably sees her twice a month. He visits her while she’s working.”



Beyoncé is ready to pull the plug on her marriage because she heard rumors that Jay Z hooked up with Rihanna and Rita Ora.

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Jay thinks Beyoncé is cheating on him with her bodyguard Julius De Boer.

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There’s also a rumor that Jay was flirting with designer Rachel Roy at the Met Gala, which is why Solange went off on Jay Z. This is also why Beyoncé and Jay Z didn’t go to Kimye’s wedding…because Rachel Roy was there.

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Apparently Jay Z didn’t join Beyoncé on the Australian leg of her tour, which, rumor has it, made her feel like an abandoned “single mother.”



Beyoncé is now seeking advice from Gwyneth Paltrow on how best to announce her separation after her and Jay Z’s joint tour.

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