Video: Adorable Old Lady Meets Jay Z on the Subway

December 5, 2012 By:
Video: Adorable Old Lady Meets Jay Z on the Subway

So an old lady and Jay-Z walk into a bar—I mean a train…

The hip-hop mogul has released the documentary Where I’m From, a 24-minute YouTube exposé of his concert series at Barclays Center from September. The video features a moment that has been catching a lot of buzz where Jay-Z rides the subway with an older woman who fails to recognize who he is.

And, yes…it’s suuuuper adorable.

Here’s how the conversation went down:

Old Lady: Are you famous? (Noticing security and cameras.)

Jay: Yes … Not very famous, you don’t know me. (Blushing.)

OL: (Shakes her head.)

J: But I’ll get there some day … My name is Jay. What’s your name?

(They shake hands)

OL: Ellen. What do you do?

J: I make music…

The exchange plays out like this for a while. The old lady asks where the music-making whippersnapper is headed. 

He informs her that he is just off for a ride over to the new Brooklyn stadium (which he freakin’ owns!) where he was doing a gig—his last night in an eight-day run at the arena. 

What this unnamed famous man is saying starts to sink in. The old lady tells Jay she is proud of him, but avoids pinching his cheeks. 

OL: Say your name again, just so I get it…

J: Jay. JAY-Z.

OL: (LIGHTBULB!) Oh, you’re Jay-Z. I know about Jay-Z!

Sure, the clip from the doc is quaint/cute/funny, but the real story her seems to be that it was Jay-Z who failed to recognize the old lady.

According to Gawker, the charming granny is actually a superstar in her own right. The old woman is none other than Ellen Grossman, a NYC-based artist and sculptor of topographic surfaces. (Duh!)

Watch the clip here: