Jay Z's Concert Demands Exposed

January 26, 2011 By:
Jay Z's Concert Demands Exposed

And they call Beyonce a diva?! Pfft. Wait til you get a load of Jay Z's long list of demands!

When artists go on tour they make up a list called a Rider of things they absolutely positively must have while they're on tour. And Jay Z's list is sooo crazy, it's two pages!

According to In Touch magazine's Scene Queens, among the 57 extensive requirements: four golf carts, four 750-mL bottles of vodka and tequila, 2004 Sassicaia, Italian red wine from the Bolgheri region, a bowl of Sour Patch Kids and nice china, cloth dinner napkins, and silverware- not plastic!- just to name a few.

Also on the list: sugar-free Red Bull, hand sanitizer, fresh fruit, organic bread, a bottle of honey, and orange juice- NO pulp!

I hear J.Lo's rider includes having brand new all-white furniture. Madonna insists on having brand new toilets installed for her, and removed when she leaves. Ahh it pays to be a superstar! What would be in your rider?