Jay Z's Bodyguard Cleared of Charges

August 22, 2009 By:
Jay Z's Bodyguard Cleared of Charges

After the scuffle Jay Z's bodyguard got into with a photographer in Croatia earlier this week, he faced charges by the authorities.

The bodyguard threw the pap’s tripod into the water after it was thrown at his back. Seems like a reasonable reaction!

Police had originally intended to charge the bodyguard with destruction of property, but it’s since been lessened significantly. He won’t have to worry about any jail time now, and will just have to pay a fine. The police are not pursuing any further legal action.

Seems wrong that he even has to pay a fine! The guy was just doing his job, and if you saw the video, the paparazzi were being extremely annoying!

Check out the video yourself and tell us who you side with...