Jay Z Planning Tell All Book

July 29, 2009 By:
Jay Z Planning Tell All Book

Jay Z is one of the most private celebrities in the scene, and when he married equally private Beyonce, our fascination about their personal lives grew even more intense.

Luckily for all Jay and Beyonce fans, Jay Z is planning on releasing a tell all book and among other things, it will chronicle his relationship with his new wife.

A source said: “It’s going to cover everything from his days on the streets as a drug dealer to his fairy tale wedding to Beyonce. “He’ll also be revealing his rapping secrets.”

The autobiography is expected to tie in with his next album, The Blueprint 3, which is due to come out in September.

Beyonce has previously said she wouldn't talk about their relationship because it's the best way to ruin it.

Beyonce said, “It’s important for people to know that there’s a line you can’t cross in this. It’s real. It’s not like some fairytale that people watch for entertainment – it’s real life and it’s important to keep it to yourself.

She added, “We worked really hard at keeping our wedding private. I've always been this way, and he's always been this way, so that's why we complement each other. We always knew that it would be private and quiet, for all the right reasons."

Sounds like a page-turner! We can't wait to pick up a copy! Would you be interested in reading his autobiography?