Jay Z: I'm No Ghandi

February 17, 2009 By:
Jay Z: I'm No Ghandi

Jay Z’s recent displays of benevolence and empathy have not gone unnoticed.

Even before the rapper’s recent call to reporters and the general public for compassion to singer Rihanna, after she was allegedly assaulted by boyfriend Chris Brown, Jay had been garnering quite the reputation for altruism. 50 Cent even compared him to Ghandi.

Jay told Hollyscoop exclusively that while he understands why some might see similarities, comparisons of that gravity are the last thing he wants.

“I am definitely not Ghandi. I'm so far away from Ghandi,” he told Hollyscoop at the "Sprite Green Two Kings Dinner" during All Star Weekend.

“I really look at those people like Malcolm X, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and it's something different about them, they just have a glow about them.

“I could never compare myself to someone so Godly,” he went on. “I understand what he meant: the poise and the overlooking the small things, but it's not even a close comparison.”