Croatian Paparazzo Attacks Jay-Z's Bodyguard

August 19, 2009 By:
Croatian Paparazzo Attacks Jay-Z's Bodyguard

Jay Z and Beyonce were just trying to enjoy a nice holiday in Croatia, but even there, the paparazzi won’t leave them alone! The photographers are probably just so excited they finally have celebs to take pictures of!

Jay Z and Beyonce, dressed to the nines, were leaving dinner in a town named Dubrovnik and heading to their boat, when the photogs got a little too close for comfort for Jay’s bodyguard. The bodyguard started shoving one pap in particular, and telling him to back off, but that just made him more mad!

According to a video obtained by a Croatian news agency, the photographer then launched his tripod at the bodyguard, who had already entered the boat, hitting him in the back. Rather than fight back, the bodyguard threw the tripod into the sea, as the boat drove off. Jay Z added his own two cents by flipping the bird to the paps as they departed.

Wow! These Croatian photographers are giving LA paps a run for their money!!! Check out the video below. Poor Jay Z and Beyonce didn’t even do anything to provoke this!