5 Reasons Why We Wish We Were Jay Z

July 12, 2013 By:
5 Reasons Why We Wish We Were Jay Z

Jay-Z might be the most enviable celeb on the planet. No seriously, here are 5 reasons why Jay-Z’s life is better than yours.

1.     He sends texts to PRESIDENT Barack Obama like this: “I don’t know if this is breaching national security. But when he was getting elected the second time, he was like, ‘Hey, you know, fourth quarter, just give me the ball.’ I said, ‘word.’”

2.     He wakes up next to this everyday.

3.     He does whatever THIS is and people call it “art.”

4.     His speed dial is basically, Justin Timberlake, Gwyneth Paltrow, Barack Obama, Oprah and Kanye West.

5. He is worth $500 million! His combined worth with Beyonce is $1 billion! They have a billion dollars! He owns a basketball team! His daughter wears $800 Tom Ford heels!