Obama To Appear On Leno This Week

March 16, 2009 By:
Obama To Appear On Leno This Week

President Barack Obama is taking a quick break from weeding through the mess the economy is in, and appearing on Jay Leno! He’ll reportedly jet out to LA for a day, tape the show, and fly straight back to Washington right afterwards.

According to an NBC spokesperson, the interview will touch upon Obama’s economic agenda, and it was designed to get viewer support while still maintaining a comfortable setting.

According to Variety, this is the first appearance of a sitting President on a late night talk show! Previous Presidents have appeared on late-night talk shows and primetime comedies and dramas while in office, but such guest spots are usually taped.

Also on Obama’s 24-hour agenda while in California: attending a town hall meeting in Costa Mesa, as well as a tour of an electric vehicle plant in Pomona. That’s one tight schedule to adhere to! Tune in this Thursday to see how the Prez does on Leno at 11:30PM on NBC.