Jeno Leno Reveals He Was Just A Little Tired

May 1, 2009 By:
Jeno Leno Reveals He Was Just A Little Tired

Jay Leno wants his fans to know that he’s not a robot! He gets tired just like you and me. And believe it or not, that was the reason he checked himself into the hospital last week, missing the taping of two of his shows.

Jay was in need of a good solid catnap, and was hospitalized for exhaustion. He blames not only his late night show, but his rigorous stand-up schedule as well. Being funny 24-7 is tiring!

Jay told People his excuse was: "Exhaustion. That's like a rich person's condition. Poor people that work – they don't get exhausted. Only rich people get exhausted. It's an embarrassing thing. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, yes, exhausted."

"I think I just probably got worn out," he says. "I do three columns. I write for the London Sunday Times, I write for Popular Mechanics every month and I write for a British magazine called Octane. I do all automotive stuff. And then I'm on the road 160 days. I think it's one of those deals where you just kinda just got worn out."

Jay has been picking on himself for the last week on his late night show. But aside from all the jokes, we're glad to hear he’s gotten his beauty rest and is back to work.