Jay's In, Conan's Out!

January 14, 2010 By:
Jay's In, Conan's Out!

After days of speculation, it’s being reported that Jay Leno is in, and Conan O'Brien has gotten the boot! Sources tell TMZ that Jay made a deal with NBC to get his old time slot of 11:35PM-12:35AM back, leaving Conan out in the cold!

Under the contract Jay had been working under, he was guaranteed the 10 PM hour. By moving him to 11:35, NBC was in breach of his contract and needed to negotiate a new deal. That is now reportedly set in stone.

NBC must have felt very strongly about keeping Leno in their lineup to do something this severe. It obviously shows where their loyalty lies—and it’s not with Conan!

This news comes just minutes after we heard NBC president Jeff Zucker was furious with Conan, and had planned on “icing him.” His rep even said in a statement, "Zucker said, 'I'll keep you (O’Brien) off the air for 3 1/2 years.’”

Do you think this all went down fairly? Or was Jay Leno clearly favored by NBC over Conan?