Jay Leno To Move To Prime Time

December 9, 2008 By:
Jay Leno To Move To Prime Time

Jay Leno may be leaving the late night scene, but his television days are far from over. Rumor has it Jay is eyeing a prime time show of his own after he officially retires from The Tonight Show.

As of now, Leno’s last show will be on May 29th, and then Conan will take over hosting duties. NBC is expected to make some sort of announcement today about keeping Jay at the network.

According to the the Times' online, Leno’s new show would air at 10PM. It would be the first in prime time ever offered five nights a week, a programming pattern that is common in daytime television.

NBC officials declined to comment. This might be perfect! The whole reason a lot of people don’t watch late night shows is because of the time it’s on. 10PM is perfect because 10 is late night for people like us who have to work early in the morning.