Jay Leno Talks About His Move To Primetime

December 17, 2008 By:
Jay Leno Talks About His Move To Primetime

As we all know, Jay Leno, one of the fixtures in late night television, is making a huge move to primetime TV. He's being replaced on The Tonight Show by Conan O'Brien next year, but it won't be the last we see of Jay. And he's lucky enough to be staying at the same network that made him famous, NBC. Jay recently spoke with TV Guide's Steve Battaglio to discuss how the move from late night will affect him.

Jay says he looked around to other networks, but it just made more sense to stay at the peacock network. He says, "If had gone to Fox or...ABC it would be quite a while before I could start....Plus I would lose my staff. ... This way it allows me to keep the sort of family together. We only have four more kids to put through college here on my staff.... we have somebody who was born the day we started the show. And that kid is going to college. It's fantastic."

Wow! That's one way to make yourself feel old! But it just makes you like Jay that much more that he cares about his staff, and that they're like a second family to him. The other part of Jay's move involves the time slot. It's going to be a whole different ball game having a show that airs at 10PM rather than 11:30PM. Jay says, "I looked at our 10 o'clock lineup and there really hasn't been a successful new show launched at 10 clock in quite a while. I realized at 11:30 we were getting a higher (rating) than Lipstick Jungle or My Own Worst Enemy. I thought 'well why not?' "

Jay's in a pretty good position right now. He's already established as a successful show host, and he'll have viewers follow him no matter what time or network he decided on. And now that he won't be competing with David Letterman in the same time slot, he's free to be a guest on the show! He tells TV Guide, "I'd love to do Dave's show again some time. I certainly wouldn't rule it out."

It seems Jay is really staying positive about his career move! Will you watch him when he moves to prime time?