Jay Leno Sets Premiere Date

June 2, 2009 By:
Jay Leno Sets Premiere Date

Jay Leno has only been out of his late-night timeslot for one day, and he’s already got a plan for his upcoming primetime show. Jay announced today that his new program, The Jay Leno Show will premiere on September 14th.

The show, which will also be known as the Earlier Night Show, will feature a nightly monologue, star guests, and all of Jay’s bits, like Jaywalking. Kevin Eubanks will also lead the house band. So big difference between this new show and the old one is….nothing!

Jay says his biggest challenge will be to bring in good ratings in the tougher 10PM timeslot. He says, "I'm trying to figure out how to do some of the same bits. The key to this is having a lot more comedy in the last half-hour.”

Jay is ready for the challenge, however. He says, "I think it'll be harder. It's easier going up against a parade of white guys, because we're all doing basically the same thing. CSI is the best-looking show on television. We're just gonna offer an alternative.”

"Do I expect to beat them the first week we're up against each other? Probably not. It would be nice, but I'm a realist. This is an economic decision as well. We can shoot five Tonight Shows for less than one of these dramas."

We’re sure there are a lot of dedicated Jay Leno fans who will be happy to tune in a little earlier to see their favorite host. Or set their Tivos a little earlier…