Javier Bardem Injured on Set of His Current Movie

March 2, 2009 By:
Javier Bardem Injured on Set of His Current Movie

We all noticed Javier Bardem was absent at the Oscars, which seemed odd considering his girlfriend Penelope Cruz was up for Supporting Actress. And the fact that she won made it even more sad that he wasn’t there to share her happiness!

But before you go writing him off as an unsupportive boyfriend, we have the scoop on where he really was on Oscar evening. Previous reports suggested Bardem had some scheduling conflicts making it impossible for him to attend the ceremony. That raised some eyebrows because what’s really more important that the Oscars? It’s the biggest party of the year for actors!

But now several Spanish publications are reporting that Javier was injured on the set of his current movie Biutiful right before the Oscars. Filming was actually stopped on the movie in Barcelona on February 12th because Javier, who is the star of the film, suffered a back injury. Those are not fun!

And it only has gotten worse from there. The production company has asked for what’s called an ERE to temporarily lay off the rest of the actors and the crew while Javier recovers. But the crew is angry because they think they deserve to be paid during this time, which they’re probably right about.

But according to another source, Bardem returned to work today, and an on-set source says, "Javier has returned to shooting and is in perfect health.”

Well, we’re glad he’s back in good health! And that’s certainly a good excuse to miss the Oscars when your girlfriend wins!