Jason Trawick. biography

NAME:Jason Trawick BIRTH DATE:December 15, 1971 (Age: 43) PLACE OF BIRTH:Long Island, New York

Jason Trawick is a talent agent most famous for managing Britney Spears. He originally worked for the New York Daily News prior to becoming an agent for the renowned William Morris Agency. His clients included, Taylor Swift, Pairs Hilton and Hilary Duff.

Jason first started managing the pop princess' career in 2006, during the time Britney was struggling with a depleting mental state and in the mist of loosing custody over her children to her estranged husband Kevin Federline. With the approval of Britney's parents, the two began dating in 2008, and later decided to end their professional relationship and focus on their personal relationship in 2010.

Most recently, Jason has established his own management company and proposed to Britney on his 40th birthday.

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