Jason Segel's Dream Costar: 'Hilary Clinton'

March 8, 2012 By:
Jason Segel's Dream Costar: 'Hilary Clinton'

Jason Segel is everywhere these days, from The Muppets movie to his upcoming flick, Jeff, Who Lives At Home.

At the premiere of Jeff, Who Lives At Home, Segel told Hollyscoop why he’s been taking on so many projects:

“I’m really scared of being unemployed, because I had a big unemployed period from like 21 to 25, so I’m just never going to do that again.”

I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that for a while, Marshall Eriksen.

Segel also revealed to Hollyscoop who his dream leading lady is:

Hillary Clinton.”

Really, though?



“I just feel like we’re on a collision course for comedy.”

Anyway, Jason passed on the next Muppets movie, but he has a good idea for a replacement:

“Hillary Clinton.”

Alright, are you screwing with us or—

“I feel like she just really gets the tone!”

Moving on, Segel also told us he wouldn’t be adverse to going full frontal in a movie again, the way he did for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And no, this next quote has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.

“I may or may not do another full frontal nudity scene. That is not confirmed,” Segel told Hollyscoop. “I was born without a sense of pride or shame, for whatever reason. And I also kinda feel like, you know, it’s for the ladies. People don’t do a lot of things just for the ladies these days, and it’s like, the least I can do.”

Speaking of ladies, there have been rumors that Segel is dating actress Michelle Williams.

“I do not comment on my personal life these days,” Segel told Hollyscoop.