Jason Lewis Talks Sex and Older Women

May 15, 2008 By:
Jason Lewis Talks Sex and Older Women

Jason Lewis is one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and we can’t wait to see him in The Sex and the City movie. Jason really opened up during his recent interview with ELLE Magazine. He basically talked about having flings with older women, his upcoming role in the Sex and The City movie, and sex in general! Pay attention closely and have your man take some notes! Read through the end!!!

ELLE: When we first met Smith Jerrod, your character on Sex and the City, he was waiting tables and had a devoted clientele of women who hoped to bed him. Since you too once waited tables, I wondered if this ever happened to you?
JASON LEWIS: No, but I did get picked up on an airplane to New York once. It was pretty hot. I was probably 20. I was sitting next to this woman who must have been in her early forties. We had a couple drinks. I guess she was just looking for an ­adventure, because we made plans to meet at the Limelight later. I had absolutely no idea what the Limelight even was. It was an overwhelming evening.

ELLE: Have you always liked older women?
JASON LEWIS: Older women rock, especially when you’re young. Young people should sleep with older people. Sex is something best done with experience.

ELLE: Just how old a woman have you been with?
JASON LEWIS: When I was living in France, I had a couple-month affair with a woman who was around 50. I never let her see where I lived, because I was a little scared of her. We’d meet in the city and she’d take me out to her chateau, have this great dinner, make love. In the morning, I’d ride her horse while she cooked me breakfast. Then she’d drop me off in Paris.

ELLE: Just to be clear, when you say chateau, is this just a fancy thing the French will call their shack or mobile home?
JASON LEWIS: No. I actually mean chateau. I was like, My God, what am I doing out here.

ELLE: On the show, you and Kim Cattrall’s character, ­Samantha, are depicted having sex in a number of configurations I’d never seen before. Were these positions familiar?
JASON LEWIS: No, but luckily we had one of those Xeroxed flyers of 101 sexual positions.

ELLE: There was one butt-to-butt position I couldn’t even figure out.
JASON LEWIS: The one where I’m treating her like a chair? Yeah, I think to actually do it you’d have to lean a lot farther forward. All we had were diagrams.

ELLE: In the show, there’s an episode in which your character is plagued by gay rumors. Which of your habits would prove that you’re irrefutably straight?
JASON LEWIS: This is how I’d answer that question: Who the fuck cares? It just depends on your taste and proclivities. I know gay men who dirt-bike just like I dirt-bike.

ELLE: The women of Sex and the City often deal with men they’re not entirely attracted to. Have you ever been with a woman who’s had a deal-breaker of a physical attribute?
JASON LEWIS: I was with a particularly malodorous girl once—beautiful but really stinky. She had every body odor. I remember thinking, Your arms stink. Your breath stinks. Oh, God, even your hair stinks. I had no idea what to do. I remember asking a female friend, “What do I do? Slip her acidophilus when I cook for her?”

ELLE: Did you mention the odors when you broke up?
JASON LEWIS: No, because there were other reasons. I think if I really loved somebody, I could probably get over their stench.

ELLE: Smith Jerrod appears to be very skilled sexually. Do you think you’re good at it?
JASON LEWIS: I’ve read a book or two on the subject. The Kama Sutra’s definitely one of them.

ELLE: Quick: I’m giving you 45 seconds to tell me as much as you can about what you picked up in that book.
JASON LEWIS: Oh, man, do we really want to get into the G-spot?

ELLE: We do.
JASON LEWIS: Okay. Right up inside it’s a little fleshy pad, and it’s a little different on each woman. You need to stimulate the thing before you attack it. But once it’s awoken, it’s all about gentle pressure from the outside and kneading it from inside.