Oh No You Didn't: Jason Biggs, What Were You Thinking?!

May 17, 2012 By:
Oh No You Didn't: Jason Biggs, What Were You Thinking?!

Time Magazine’s breastfeeding cover is catching so much attention, it’s already inspiring spoofs.

American Reunion actor Jason Biggs reenacted the cover in a picture he posted on Twitter. In the Twitpic, instead of a nursing mom, Biggs slurps on the bust of his hot wife Jenny Mollen.

The May 21st cover is sparking all sorts of controversy, not for the exposed breast, but for the age of the sucking toddler. The preschooler is photographed standing on a booster stool in cargo pants and sneakers, suckling on this mother.

“Are You Mom Enough?” the cover reads.

Biggs’ photo follows suit with his caption, “Are You Wife Enough?”

Of course, Biggs’ comedy venture raises questions of what other avenues are worth exploring with the topic of interest. An SNL sketch will surely ensue. Possibly even a MSNBC Special “I Was A Teenage Boobsucker.”

It’s not all fun and games though. Some celebs are pretty P.O’ed over the cover.

“@Time, no! You missed the mark! You're supposed to be making it easier for breastfeeding moms” tweeted actress Alyssa Milano. “Your cover is exploitive & extreme.”

Other stars to chime in about their negative reactions to the cover include “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik and model Joanna Krupa, who called the image “disturbing.”

Celebrity moms known to be advocates of breastfeeding their children include Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, and Christina Aguilera. If nothing else, for the weight loss benefits…

“When you're breastfeeding, your weight kind of slims down," Aguilera previously told Parenting Magazine. “It's like a workout within itself.”