Jason Bateman Slams Celebrities Who Take Selfies

April 4, 2013 By:
Jason Bateman Slams Celebrities Who Take Selfies
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Jason Bateman might not be on top of the latest in tech—all the apps and the Snapchats and how to switch from WiFi to Airplane mode without a manual—but that doesn't mean he isn't well-versed in the social media rulebook. One guideline of which is to use common sense when it comes to snapping nude selfies: Um, don't take them.

We caught up with Jason at a press junket for indie film Disconnect, a cautionary thriller about social media, one that hits a little too close to home for celebrities who've ever found themselves in a nude pic scandal. He has little remorse for those who haven't learned their lesson by now.

"‪Yeah, I don't understand that whole celebrity thing, the mirror pictures, it's just…was it Paris Hilton, the first one? That taught us not to do that," Jason tells Hollyscoop.‬

‪"You know we're not a bright bunch, us actors, and celebrities are even dumber, so I'm never surprised at what happens in this city, but I think the people with common sense know not to take naked pictures of themselves in the mirror and expect for it not to go out to at least a couple of people you don't want it to go out too."‬

‪The "Arrested Development" star is typically playful and self-deprecating in his answers, but there's a lot of truth under it all. You know, classic Jason.‬

‪"Because how many times have you heard somebody tell you a secret and say, 'don't tell somebody I told you this, but…'? That's how secrets go around, right? They don't not go around, they just go around with the caveat, 'please don't repeat this,' but it happens and then you say don't…just ‬don't be dumb."

One more time, gather 'round all the boys of One Direction, that girl who was on "iCarly," and all the future stars growing up in an age where pacifiers have cell phones and Facebook dictates relationships…Uncle Jason has some advice for you: think before you take off all your clothes, take a picture, upload it to Instagram, and then tell no one to look at it.