Jason Bateman Gives Up Alcohol

June 25, 2008 By:
Jason Bateman Gives Up Alcohol

Jason Bateman is revealing that he has given up alcohol….for good! He says he decided to give up drinking four years ago after he realized his relationship was just a tad more important than the booze.

He says, "I've spent all my fun chips and now I've parked my drinking boots in the closet. I haven't had a drink in four years. There wasn't any real specific bottom to it. I was just ready to graduate from adolescence and try my hand at being an adult. And, quite honestly, the woman I was in love with was not really that tolerant of it, so I turned it off."

Wow, he must be reeeeealllly in love with her. That's a pretty big
commitment! But kudos to Jason for making the change in his life!