Jared Leto Should’ve Won ALL the Awards for Playing Jordan Catalano

January 28, 2014 By:
Jared Leto Should’ve Won ALL the Awards for Playing Jordan Catalano

Never forget what his best role TRULY was...

Jared Leto is on every red carpet this season for his critically acclaimed turn as Rayon, a transgender woman, in Dallas Buyers Club.

True, he was amazing in that role and deserves all the trophies that are coming his way, but all this fanfare shouldn’t overshadow a very long-standing and grave injustice in this great man’s career…


Because we’re ethically sound investigative journalists here, we have to ask: why hasn’t Jared Leto won a single award for his portrayal of Jordan Catalano?


Is there not a “Best Actor Whose Expert Slow Blinking Can Melt Your Stone Cold Heart” category?

Because there should be.

He was emotionally unavailable one day,

then super attentive the next,

then back to emotionally unavailable again.

All over the course of a single geometry class, sometimes.

This man was clearly robbed for his contributions to *The Realest Teen Series Television Has Ever Known, and we can’t just ignore that.

*“My So-Called Life”

And for his contributions to flannel.

And sweaters.

And kissing.

Yeah, all those contributions to kissing.

He sang suuuuuper cryptic love songs.

(Spoiler: Claire Danes’ hair was dyed RED. I know, you really have to “read between the lyrics.”)

He was the hardest character to crack.

20+ years later, we still haven’t figured it out, and for that, he deserves ALL the awards.