The Evolution of Jared Leto’s Glorious Hair

January 14, 2014 By:
The Evolution of Jared Leto’s Glorious Hair
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Let’s face it. Jared Leto has one of the fiercest ombre blowouts in Hollywood, plus that pony-bun he wore to the Golden Globes was the trendiest up-do on the carpet.

For those of you who just found out about Jared Leto, homeboy has been giving us runway hair since ’94.

Educate yo self!

The emotional tragic bad boy. 

The Myspace artist.

The cocaine dealer from outer space.

The bleach blonde babe.

The guy who listens to a lot of AFI.

The sensitive rocker type.

The douchebag boyfriend from the future.

The rockabilly fan you dated in the '90s.

The hot Amish dude.

The guy with beach waves.

The yoga instructor.