Secret Baby Daddies: Who Has One and Who is One?

November 1, 2011 By:
Secret Baby Daddies: Who Has One and Who is One?

Did you say baby daddy?! And no, I’m not talking about a baby who is also a daddy, but rather the men who father children out of wedlock and are forever known as some chicks baby daddy.

These are the stars with secret baby daddy’s and also the celebrity men who you probably didn’t know were baby daddies themselves.


January Jones: How could we talk about January Jones without mentioning the phrase “baby daddy.” No one knows who fathered her kid and unless she impregnated herself with a turkey baster (and I don’t think she did because I thought that only existed as a joke in romantic comedies) she’s got a baby daddy lurking out in the world somewhere. Her son, Xander Dane Jones was born in September and according to Jones is “doing great.”

Jay Z

Jay-Z: Jay-Z isn’t just the daddy to Beyonce’s unborn baby. Apparently he’s also the baby daddy for a Trinidadian model who took a paternity test and determined that the child is actually Jay-Z’s. This all happened before Beyonce mind you, so it’s water under the bridge. Apparently Jay pays a crazy expensive child support payment and the kid is now 9 years old.

Kim Stewart

Kim Stewart: Although they are not in a relationship, Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro and socialite daughter of Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart, have a child together. Imagine having Benicio De Toro as your baby daddy? That’s one random baby’s first photo album. And this is your daddy when he played Che Guevera in that biopic and this is your mommy trying to get her own reality TV series...

Mel B

Scary Spice: Mel B has a baby daddy and it’s Eddie Murphy. Usually A-listers like that tend to be more careful, but after the two dated for like a second, Mel B got knocked up. Murphy denied the child was his until a DNA test could prove his paternity and yup, the kid was definitely his son.

John Edwards

John Edwards: The former senator and democratic nominee for President fathered a child out of wedlock while his wife had cancer! Then he denied the child was his for two years and made a sex tape with his mistress, Rielle Hunter. This guy makes Anthony Weiner look like Justin Bieber.

Jude Law

Jude Law: Not only did Jude Law cheat on wife Sienna Miller with the nanny, he also has a child out of wedlock with model Samantha Burke. Jude’s love child, Sophia, was conceived during a brief fling between Jude and the model. Jude didn’t meet Sophia until she was 5 months old and has an agreement that he will visit her only twice a year. Not cool Jude. As the great Beatles once sang, “Hey Jude, don’t be a d-ck”


Cristiano Ronaldo: The sexy soccer star is also baby daddy. Ronaldo has a son, Cristiano Jr. from a one-night stand with a 20-year-old student he met in London. Ronaldo has sole custody of the boy now, thereby making him THE DILF. Sorry Beckham.