January Jones Wanted "Very Badly" To Be a Mom

June 22, 2011 By:
January Jones Wanted

January Jones has been so tight-lipped about the identity of her baby's father, I'm starting to believe she's carrying the child of God.

The actress didn't say anything when X-Men director Matthew Vaughn was rumored to be the father, although that rumor was a stab in the dark. Which, ironically, is probably an accurate description of what it's like to have sex with January Jones.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is now saying that the actress really wanted to get pregnant.

"She's got a big heart," Weiner says. "I think she's going to be amazing."

Around the same time she announced her pregnancy, Jones split with SNL star Jason Sudeikis.

"She told him she wanted kids and it turned him off," a source told Us Weekly. "Jason was bummed out she was on the mommy track. If Jason were the dad, he'd step it up."

At this point, I think it's safe to say it's between a sperm donor or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mad Men costar Bryan Batt says he's thrilled for the actress: "I am so happy for her. I sent her an email to say congratulations. It's fantastic. It's something she really wants and I say good luck to her."