January Jones' Racy Lingerie Shots in X Men: First Class

June 3, 2011 By:
January Jones' Racy Lingerie Shots in X Men: First Class

Nerds, bring your inhalers!

January Jones has a pretty sultry scene in the new X-Men: First Class flick, opening in theatres today.

Who knows what her post-baby bod will look like, but Jones’ pre-baby bod was bangin’. In the movie, she wears frilly white lingerie, along with a garter belt and thigh high stockings. Because that’s what superheroes wear.

Jones is playing X-Men mutant Emma Frost, whose superhero power is telepathy. And judging by these photos, her second superhero power is curing Erectile Dysfunction.

Whoever designed January Jones’ wardrobe in X-Men had the easiest job in Hollywood. Not only is there barely any material to work with, no one’s looking at it anyway.

So far, X-Men: First Class has earned $3.4 Million from midnight shows alone.

And amidst all the rumors of her baby daddy’s identity, January Jones has chatted a little bit more about her pregnancy.

“I’ve been kind of in the nesting phase, just preparing my house and stuff.”

X-Men costar Michael Fassbender says, “She’s a fantastic person. She’s very sweet. Just in the experience of working with her, she stort of gets up and gets on with it, and I think she’ll probably do the same in motherhood.”