Eyewitness: January Jones Was Clearly Drunk

June 11, 2010 By:
Eyewitness: January Jones Was Clearly Drunk

January Jones was quick to blame the paparazzi when she crashed into three cars early this morning, but according to eyewitnesses, there were no paps around. And more importantly, January may have been drinking before the accident.

Sources at the scene of the accident tell Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY that January "she smelled like a brewery” when she got out of her car.

January Jones Pulls a Britney Spears

Food Network star Bobby Flay showed up to the scene and started arguing with her. "He then took her I.D. away from her and told her to go home,” says our source. January, who was clearly intoxicated was also advised by neighbors to go home before cops arrived and she was charged with a D.U.I.

A source who was at the bar at the London hotel tells Hollyscoop January was there drinking with Bobby earlier in the night.

Jones claimed she was blinded by the paparazzi and crashed into the three cars because they were pursuing her, but eyewitnesses at the scene tell Hollyscoop there wasn’t a single pap around, which is why there are no photos of the incident.

Police arrived to the scene 45 minutes later, but January was already long gone. She went home and changed and then came back to "pick up her phone from her car."

Eyewitnesses were surprised that she didn't get arrested "because she was so drunk," but cops told witnesses that they had no proof that she was drunk during the accident. Cops said that she could have gone home after the accident and drank because she was so nervous.

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