5 Hot Mutant Ladies of X Men

June 1, 2011 By:
5 Hot Mutant Ladies of X Men

Fan boys flock to the theatres to see what really happened to Wolverine when he was a kid, but the rest of us go for the eye candy. Ok, the nerds are looking at the ladies, too.

From Rose Byrne to Anna Paquin, X-Men ladies are just as hot as they are talented.

It's hard to live up to the totally unrealistic women comic book artists illustrate, but these women have come pretty damn close. We've picked our five favorite X-Men celebs, but the list certainly doesn't stop here.

Halle Berry: Halle Berry might not have impressed X-Men fanatics when she played Storm, but at least we enjoyed looking at her. She had even less acclaim playing Catwoman, but maybe that skin-tight cat suit just distracted people from her Oscar-winning talents.

Jennifer Lawrence: Academy Award nominee, Jennifer Lawrence, will bare all as Mystique in the upcoming X-Men: First Class flick. Okay, maybe she'll have some blue paint or something on, but if Rebecca Romijn's Mystique is any indication, little will be left to the imagination.

Rebecca Romijn: Speaking of the OG of the X-Men series, Romijn showed off her long, lean body in the original movie. Lawrence recently revealed she hit up Romijn for advice on playing the character. Her advice? "They tell you not to drink alcohol or eat spicy food, because they remove the make-up with alcohol. Don't listen to that. It will drive you crazy."

Zoe Kravitz: The beautiful daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz made her film debut only four years ago. It didn't take long for her to shoot from up-and-coming to high-flying, as she plays Angel Salvadore, a go-go dancing mutant blessed with the gift of flight.

January Jones: Jones might have gotten into character a little too much as X-Men's Emma Frost, but you can't deny her hotness. Of her role in the film, Jones said, "I enjoyed being a mutant."