Janet's Allergic to Marriage

February 13, 2008 By:
Janet's Allergic to Marriage

Janet Jackson says getting married and having kids are not high on her to-do list. Although she's been dating Jermaine Dupri for six years, she's perfectly happy the way her life is, despite the pressure everyone puts on them.

She said in an interview, "So many people were putting pressure on
Jermaine, and then they started pressuring me. Everyone would ask about it, even friends. If it's meant to happen, it'll happen. I like where we are, and I'm happy where I am. I've done it twice before. I’m afraid I might be allergic to marriage. We would both love to have kids. Someday I know it's going to happen. Exactly when, I don't know."

I think it's great Janet is able to recognize she doesn't need to be married
to be happy. Those two would have some really cute kids though!