Janet Returns to Work on Tyler Perry Movie

July 13, 2009 By:
Janet Returns to Work on Tyler Perry Movie

Janet Jackson has returned to work for the first time since her brother Michael’s death, which happened just over two weeks ago. Prior to his sudden death, Janet had been working on Why Did I Get Married Too? in Atlanta.

According to her co-star Malik Yoba, Janet is back in action. Yoba said via his blog, "For those who are curious about the state of Ms. Jackson, all seems well. She's here at work, and we've got a couple of serious scenes to shoot today."

Director Tyler Perry had previously done some interviews after Michael's death, telling the media that Janet could return to the set whenever she felt ready.

He said, "Whenever she comes back to work, she'll have everything she needs.”

So many actors return to work so quickly after experiencing the death of someone close to them. It seems like jumping right back into the mix helps the grieving process along a little bit. We’re sure that was no easy task for Janet to rejoin the cast so quickly.