Janet Jackson Warns Gay Youths

April 23, 2008 By:
Janet Jackson Warns Gay Youths

Janet Jackson is speaking out on behalf of safe sex practices, and is aiming her warning words at America's gay youths. She says in an interview with E! that they're being too careless about sex, and are under the false impression that the AIDS epidemic is over.

Not only that, but Janet is tackling the meth epidemic in our country, which we have to agree has gotten out of control! She says, "I hear it gives you this high that makes you want to have sex and not use anything. It's scary."

Janet was inspired to talk about these topics after a friend of hers
recently called her and told her he needed help. Janet said, "I gave him every resource that I knew of and everything fell in place. He was so fortunate. God was really with him. He needed someone to travel with him all the time because he jumps around to Europe, over to the Middle East and everywhere.

"Thank God, I was able to get someone to travel with him and get him to meetings and still do his business. I said, 'You have to change your circle of friends...' and he's doing good... I'm really proud of him."

Good for Janet for speaking out on issues she feels strongly about. Those are two huge issues still plaguing young people in our country, and it's important to have role models like Janet encouraging people to be safe and smart about their life decisions.